Our Story

Time flies. We started this company on a paper napkin with an idea that we felt had legs. Well, that paper napkin idea was thrown out the week after we were officially incorporated. This was the week in September 2008 when the financial world collapsed. With everything that has happened, every month we survived, we felt blessed. Through these tumultuous times we have grown from 8 brave souls to a highly functioning team of 42 talented individuals and from 1 client (who we cannot thank enough) to 21 clients. In just 24 months we built our company and we are now an independent and unique force in the web design world.

We agree that 24 months does not constitute success. As a matter of fact, we don’t like to use the S word around our offices. But one thing we all agree on is that it’s a lot of fun. We have clients who have challenged our capabilities and made us better as professionals and people.

Lomesh Shah

Lomesh Shah combines his proactive approach with more than 20 years of international corporate experience and business management expertise for the operations and management of IQR Consulting. A business futurist and strategist, he has been a very strong advocate of using the power of technology for business transformation. He has worked with small to mid-size businesses, privately-held companies and Fortune 500 corporations in various capacities from Sales and Marketing to overseeing automation and reengineering of processes and operations. He played an instrumental role in three startups before co-founding IQR Consulting.

When not working, Lomesh volunteers with various non-profits in the community, bringing his business experience to the non-profits. Lomesh is very active in the Chamber of Commerce and the local incubator.

Gretchen Barry

Gretchen has nearly 15 years of experience that spans the marketing and communications spectrum. She has overseen product launches and collateral development, written copy for traditional and new media, managed event promotion, established corporate branding standards, and developed crisis communication plans. Through this experience she has acquired an acute understanding of the creative process. Gretchen finds success in a collaborative approach that allows for rule breaking as long as the strategy rests on marketing and communications fundamentals.

Gretchen has a BA in English from the University of Nevada and is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators and the Insurance Marketing and Communications Association. When she isn’t writing, Gretchen can be found running, reading, or spending time with her husband walking their mixed-breed rescue dogs, Raider and Missy.

  • Malay Parikh (Sr. Project Manager)
  • Nirav Patel (Project Manager)
  • Nihir Porecha (Sr. Software Engineer & System Architect)
  • Raxit Raval (Sr. Software Engineer)
  • Kinjal Nagar (Sr. Web Designer)
  • Pooja Raval (Sr. Web Designer)
  • Dhaval Patel (Web Designer)
  • Maithily Padukone (Sr. Software Engineer)
  • Pankaj Gohel (Sr. Software Engineer)
  • Nishant Thakkar (Sr. Software Engineer)
  • Vijay Changrani (Sr. Software Engineer)
  • Pratik Shah (Sr. Software Engineer)
  • Avni Gadhai (Sr. Software Engineer)
  • Bhavika Patil (Software Engineer)
  • Hitesh Varde (Software Engineer)
  • Hemang Patel (Software Engineer)
  • Tushar Vaja (Software Engineer)
  • Roma Patel (Software Engineer)
  • Shalini Chauhan (Sr. Quality / Business Analyst)
  • Aarat Parikh (Sr. Quality Analyst )
  • Hardik Bhow (Quality Analyst)